UAE Immigrants to Canada


In 2011, the immigrant population comprised 20.6% of Canada’s population, so one in five people were immigrants.

In 2011, 14,355 immigrants from the United Arab Emirates resided in Canada.

Almost all of them (97%) resided in four provinces: Ontario (10,475 or 73%), Alberta (1,300 or 9%), Quebec (1,145 or 85) and British Columbia (1,055 or 7.3%).


We would like to point out that we used data from the National Household Survey (NHS) knowing that its quality is still under criticism because this survey was conducted on a voluntary basis, so its validity, reliability and comparability with other instruments, such as population censuses have become an issue. In fact, before the first release of the NHS results, Statistics Canada issued warnings and cautions when using the NHS data, so use this data prudently.

Citizens from the United Arab Emirates landed in Canada in recent years

From 2006 to 2015, 468 new permanent residents from the United Arab Emirates landed in Canada.

Landing Year Total
2006 42
2007 37
2008 33
2009 37
2010 86
2011 60
2012 54
2013 46
2014 40
2015 33
2006-2015 468
Source: Government of Canada

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