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Cost of living in Winnipeg? Prices of for food, housing, transportation, rentals, education, tuition fees.

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Winnipeg Public Transit

In 1971, the Transit Department of the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg became the City owned Winnipeg Transit System. Winnipeg...


Average House Price in Winnipeg

In June, Winnipeg housing prices up 4.7% year-over-year. Winnipeg: Average House Price 2014 2015 2016 January $262,683 $261,612 February $264,636...

Winnipeg Mortgage

Winnipeg Housing Affordability

In Winnipeg, a single-family house¬†ownership costs take up 31.6% of a typical household’s pre-tax income. Winnipeg Housing Affordability Type Price...

Winnipeg Income

Income in Winnipeg

In Winnipeg, the median employment income of  taxfilers was $34,430 in 2014. In Manitoba, the minimum wage is $11.00 per...

FOR RENT Winnipeg

Average Rent in Winnipeg

In Winnipeg, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,045 per month. Average Apartment Rent -October 2015 Type Monthly...

Manitoba University Fees

Manitoba University Fees

In 2016, undergraduate tuition fees rose 1.9% in Manitoba. Full-Time Undergraduate University Tuition Fees 2015/2016 Students Field of study grouping...