Canada’s Population Density – 2016

Interactive Map: Hover the mouse over the map to view data.

According to the 2016 Census, Canada’s population reached 35,151,728 –an increase of 3,538,738 people over 2006. Over the last decade, Canada’s population grew by 1.1% per year. In fact, all provinces and territories saw population increases.

In 2016, the most densely populated provinces were Prince Edward Island (with 25.1 people per square kilometre), Nova Scotia (with 17.4) and Ontario (with 14.8).

In 2016, the most densely populated Census Metro Areas were Toronto with 1,003.8 people per square kilometre), Montreal (with 890.2), Vancouver (with 854.6), Hamilton (with 544.9) and Victoria (with 528.3).

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