Canada: Immigration by Source Country 2015

Canada immigration by source country 2015

In 2015, immigrants came to Canada from more than 190 source countries*.

In 2015, 271,660 new permanent residents landed in Canada, a 4.4 % increase compared to 260,265 in 2014.

From 2005 to 2015, 2,828,365 new permanent residents landed in Canada. For a second year in a row, the Philippines, India, China, Iran, and Pakistan were the largest sources of immigrants to Canada. In fact, immigration from these countries accounted for 49% of the total intake in 2015.

In the past 11 years, China, India and the Philippines have been the top three sources of immigration to Canada.

Among these top sources, in 2015, with the exception of the Philippines, immigration from India, China and Iran decreased compared to 2014.

During the same period, Pakistan, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have also been in the top ten sources of immigration to Canada.

In 2015, Syria made it to the top 10 sources of immigrants to Canada. Most of them (73%) landed in the country in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Syria, USA, France, UK, Nigeria, South Korea, Iraq, Egypt, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Haiti, and Viet Nam were also in the top 20 sources of immigration to Canada in 2011.

In 2015, the following countries were also sources of more than 1,000 immigrants to Canada:

Lebanon (2,1234), Israel (2,132) Ireland (2,081), Federal Republic of Cameroon (2,032), Sri Lanka (1,794), Brazil (1,749), Republic Dem. of Congo (1,712), Nepal (1,499), Australia (1,412), Ethiopia (1,364), Ivory Coast (1,359), Tunisia (1,283), Germany (1,245), Romania (1,183), Somalia (1,156) and Jordan (1,112).

*Country of citizenship.


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