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May 1 – 2002

I have been in Canada for 11 months with my family. We came from Romania and we are very upset regarding with work possibilities and integration in Canadian society. However, we would like to work and would not like ask the government for social assistance. My ten years experience is mostly in field as completion and production engineer. I completed Completions and workovers courses at the Petroleum Industry Training Service to be more employable. I am able to upgrade my skills to learn more, but my financial situation does not permit these. We are contacted monthly by Statistics Canada, but we do not need questions we need more help in finding a job, any job, because we are able to work, to support ourselves. Sincerely,

Levente Rado. Calgary.

May 1 – 2002

It will be a great help to find the job through your site and I am looking for a job concerned to my professional area. If anything which matches my profile and I want to start a good career. Thanks for your support.

Yogitha Nagaraj. India.

May 1 – 2002

Discrimination sometimes cannot be avoided. Because each one of us is unique from one another, different in beliefs, culture, languages etc. I believe that each person has a gift. Remember when the white used to discriminate the black? They are uneducated but they are unique and gifted and the white cannot see this because of racism. Now, the blacks excel in their chosen field. Just imagine their contribution to society? I believed that immigrants are treated the same way as the black now. We as immigrants must always try and try until we will succeed. Remember the more struggle we will face, the more chance of success in the future. We may not be rich as the Canadians are, but we will let them witness what we have, which is the values that we treasure such as: family ties, peace-loving citizens etc. Let’s not be negative on this things. Of course right now, they are in the position to discriminate us but will they be happy over their lifetime by keeping such hatred in their heart? I ask the Canadians who have such attitudes, to take out that pride so that you can open the door to gain an understanding of other cultures. You will see that we have also good values that you can learn from us. Not recognizing the work experiences of the immigrants is unacceptable. This is a barrier for the immigrants. We cannot be the jury to judge others. Even if you have a Canadian degree, you will be in a more disadvantageous position than the Canadians. Why not try to give the applicants some sort of test to see if they can do the job instead of turning them down because they have no Canadian experience? In reality, Canadians are at a loss not the immigrants. I also suggest that immigrants to do some volunteering work to communicate our culture to others. There are certain things that we cannot comprehend but listening is the best way to understand other cultures as well. I believe that Canada is still the best place to live. In future time, by contributing our ideas and supporting one another, we immigrants will succeed. According to Abraham Lincoln: MEN ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL So either your a Canadian or not, we are all equal. Just keep up OK? Cheers.

Maria J. Salve.

May 2 – 2002

Very good website.

Panya Yattham. Scarborough, Ontario.

May 6 – 2002

I would like to improve my situation and quality of life. That is why I want to emigrate. I am looking for better horizons for my family.

Francisco A. Tea. Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

May 8 – 2002

I would like to know if immigration issues or job discrimination issues will be discussed at the G8 conference in Kananaskis Alberta this June.

D. Gregory. Cochrane, Alberta.

May 9 – 2002

I was told about your site by a good friend. Upon viewing your website I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. However, I would recommend that you present more issues and information specifically regarding immigrant women.

Sandra Castro. Quebec, Canada.

May 11 – 2002

I want to leave Colombia with my wife (who is a gerontologist) and my three-year-old daughter. We are looking for a better quality of life in a country like Canada, which is a developed country and offers job opportunities.

I want to know if Canada will embrace me while escaping from violence and insecurity in which we are living. That’s why I would like to emigrate to Canada, but I haven’t found the information required to emigrate.

I would like to know about this as soon as possible. We are a young family that are looking for tranquility. Thanks.

Juan David Mejia. Medellin, Colombia.

May 13 – 2002

Even though I was born in Montreal, as a visible minority I have still found it difficult to find work. I would greatly appreciate your help in helping me locate a job.

B. Wong. Quebec.

May 15 – 2002

I want a good job that improves my level of life, and I am looking for a good family.

Pedro. Guadalajara, Mexico.

May 16 – 2002

I am a Nigerian lady who wants to move to Canada and work in an educational institution. I want to work in order to have access to Canadian education which will help me in the future.

Adeyinka Olawatoyin. Nigeria.

May 16 – 2002

I currently live in Peru, but if I had a job opportunity in Canada, I would move immediately. The possibilities of professional advancement in my country are limited due to lack of economic resources.

Tatiana. Perú.

May 19 – 2002

Thank you for having a site for unemployed Latinos. In USA there are many people like me. We are worried about the situation in which we live, not only in the States but also in our countries where it is worse.

Mirna Vera. Maryland, USA.

May 21 – 2002

Hi Georgina Vázquez,

Congratulations for your website and courage to expose the problems that one faces when emigrating to Canada. I have been interested in migrating to Canada. When I took a course about it in Mexico City, I realized that looking for work in that country is not so easy. That situation discouraged me. I thought that Canadians would facilitate things to you, and they would recognize your experience and studies. Moving with one’s family and being without work is very hard. I am looking for a better life and being recognized in my field of expertise. To me, looking for a job in Canada would be difficult because I don’t know neither anybody nor the way of life. It is very good that this site exists, so one can be aware about these issues. By the way, I would like to mention that I am an Electronics Engineer with specialty in Computers.

Martín Trujillo A. Durango, Mexico.

May 27 – 2002

Having the opportunity to work in my country as a human resource officer. I wish I could expand my horizon and find a job where I could be helpful and use my potentials to the fullest. I wish I could also work in an office where I could use my experience in office practices or in school where I could also apply my knowledge in teaching English or Philosophy.

Peter S. Burdeos. Philippines.

May 29 – 2002

Currently, I live in Mexico, but I would like to live and work in Canada. I am also interested in studying a Masters while working there.

Giancarlo Fierro. Mexico.


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