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March 2 – 2002

Letter to Georgina:

I was looking for very specific information, so I entered the words ‘foreign professionals discrimination statistics in Canada’ on Google, and your site appeared all over the place. Congratulations.

Thomas Leduc. France.

March 8 – 2002

Are things not bad enough in Canada for immigrants? Now the Government is talking about not hiring anyone who is not a Canadian Citizen. It takes years to become a Canadian Citizen. What do we do in the interim?

Miranda Calderon, Chilliwack, B.C.

March 13 – 2002

I found your site on the Women’s directory, and I expected to find more information about women. Could you please include something specifically about women…. maybe some statistics.

Lucy Henderson. England.

March 16 – 2002

I think that the job scene is difficult for “Canadians”, but it is even more difficult for immigrants. Lately, many provinces are experiencing employment problems.

Don Mitchell. Manitoba.

March 17 – 2002

I came across your site while surfing the job markets and was surprised and pleased that someone has decided to take the issue of economic genocide against visible minorities out into the open.

Like many, many others I am in the same boat of not working to my full potential. I was in the mass communications industry for 14 years as a writer and creative director. I did some upgrading here in Calgary and graduated with a diploma in Computer Graphics and Animation in 1997. After seven months of job searching I was rewarded with gainful employment … as a kitchen cleaner. I have not progressed much further since.

If my qualification were ever in question proof came when a Canadian friend took my portfolio and submitted it for a job as a graphic designer. He not only got the job but was promised more than the advertised salary. Being honest he declined as this was a test to prove the validity and quality of the work. (Strangely, the employer missed the fact that most of the work was for clients in the East Asia (where I am originally from) and have the signoff to prove so.

Point is, we (visible minorities) are qualified and can do the work. We arrive here with hope and found that fair play and honesty are reserved for a few. It is time we did something about it.

Meanwhile, I salute you and wish you and your organization all the luck in your endeavors.

Errol B. H. Calgary.

March 21 – 2002

I have been visiting your site for a while and I noticed a huge improvement on the Statistics page. Not only is the information provided there very important to clarify some myths that “we” have about immigrants, but also the charts are extremely attractive.

Martin H. Ontario.

March 22 – 2002

I’m a Senior Anesthesiologist in Mumbai (India). I have experience in this field since last 32 years. And I’ m looking forward to learn about new technology in Canada. Thank You.

Dr. M.V. Ganjawalla. India.

March 24 – 2002

Dear Ray,

Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments on immigration, with which I have to admit I agree to some extent. This web site was and is to assist educated immigrant professionals to find a job suited to their professions here in Canada. It is not a site to assist immigrants and refugees who want to come to Canada to live off the Canadian government or other Canadians and not contribute to the Canadian society in general.

There are always a “few bad apples” in every basket, and obviously some of the documented and non-documented immigrants and refugees that come here want to take advantage of the benefits that the Canadian society has achieved. Those types of people I do not like either. Neither do I like Canadian-born people that have been on welfare for decades. (And I might add that personally I have never received or asked for any welfare benefits whatsoever even though I have greatly struggled financially without a job).

However, there are many thousands of people of good intentions who want to come to Canada to contribute. These people have spent most of their lives in their countries of origin attending colleges and universities working very hard to achieve a certain professional status, and then upon arriving in Canada we find out that Canada does not recognize our credentials. This is a huge waste of talent. Talent that this country needs, and the promotion of prejudice sooner or later will harm the Canadian economy and society.

People from other countries do no necessarily have it in their minds that in Canada the streets are paved with gold. I don’t think that most immigrants to Canada believe that as soon as they are “off the boat” they will automatically be handed pots of gold. We are not afraid of work, and have every intention to work hard for what we could receive once we get here.

Nonetheless, these people do believe that Canada offers them a better life and an opportunity to put their education and qualifications to good use. Unfortunately most upon arriving find out that there is a lot of racism in the Canadian job market where most job opportunities are given based on race rather than qualifications.

Honestly, I am pretty sure that you have met or know of doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors and other highly qualified immigrants that are working as cleaners, dish washers, pizza delivery persons, taxi drivers, etc. And it is not a coincidence that most of them are visible minorities.

And Ray, you saying that we of visible minority are whining and should go back to where we came from makes as much sense as me telling you that if you don’t like it here you should go back to where you (or your ancestors) came from. Everyone here in Canada is an immigrant Ray including yourself.

To summarize, my web site is not about opening the flood gates to just anyone wishing to immigrate to Canada, the issue is “to give equal opportunities to immigrants that are already here and let them put their skills into the economy of this country to make it a better place for all of us”.

Georgina Vazquez


March 25 – 2002

Dear Georgina, I know you are trying to help people, which is honorable. It’s people like you that this country needs. People willing to work and not expect anything special. I guess I was just venting my frustration at the way immigration is handled in this country.

You make some good points, but some of your thinking is flawed. Just because someone becomes a doctor in another country, does not mean they can automatically practice here. The standards here are much higher than in other countries. They have to pass a competency test. With the shortage of medical personnel in this country, I would assume those looking for jobs have either failed or not taken these tests. They should also be either fluent in English or French. How can you work in a country, when you can’t speak the language(s)?

I think an employer should be able to hire who ever they want to, not be forced to make a quota of minorities. That force fed practice, is discrimination against someone else. I think most employers will hire the best and the brightest. It’s just common sense and good business practice, don’t you think?

I have no problem with immigration, when it is needed. I am an optical Eng. and work with many Chinese, Pakistanis, and East Indians and have no problem with that at all. As long as they are not taking jobs from Canadians and they can contribute to society and the tax base. Canada is becoming a dumping ground for the worlds’ woeful, which is not right. It’s not my fault they are in the predicament they are in. Canadians are getting really tired of it.

Would you be against keeping statistics where the race of the criminal was kept?

At this point, I feel that the 300,000 the Liberals want to increase immigration to is just insane. They let anyone in. That is not right. Also, they should not allow anyone in unless they speak either English or French. When you come here and cannot speak the language, you are doomed to be on welfare, which the feds have so graciously given to the provinces to handle. Have you been to Toronto lately? Parts of it look like a third world country. It’s disgusting.

Many immigrants do not “assimilate” into Canadian society at all. They just form their own little small countries in Canada. Deportation in this country is also a joke. Ever hear of the Shaky Lady story in Toronto? Just go to and type in Shaky Lady in the search engine. Her and her family should be kicked out and never allowed to come back. It is things like this that make me and most Canadians very bitter about the immigration laws in this country. They seem to have more rights than someone who was born here.

Another example of the liberals’ insane policies is to allow those on welfare to sponsor others to come here. Mothers on mothers’ allowance can sponsor their other siblings to come here as well. It’s just a recipe for disaster. Anyone with an ounce of brain matter can tell you that. They care nothing for the Canadian people who built this country, just how many votes they can bring in for the next election or two.

Oh, and just for interest sake, my Grandmother was a full Mi’kmaq from Nova Scotia, so don’t start telling me about going back to where I came from. Even if she wasn’t, I was born here and that makes all the difference. Coming here is not a right, it’s a privilege and those coming here should be aware of that fact.

If you post this I am sure most of the respondents will agree with my points.

Ray Oule. Toronto, Ontario.

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