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Jan 3 – 2002

What a wonderful site. This site has helped me so much. Now I understand that finding a job is not only a personal problem, but a social one too.

G.M. Sanches. Calgary, Alberta

Jan 4 – 2002

It’s about time someone made a web site like this. My wife and I have struggled to find a decent job suited to our professional backgrounds since arriving in Canada.

Jesus and Maria Portes

Jan 7 – 2002

Your site is filled with valuable information. Continue the good work.

F. Fernández. El Salvador

Jan 8 – 2002

Fine work. Good web site.

H. Alvarez. Edmonton, Alberta

Jan 8 – 2002

Finally a web site that speaks for the people. Let’s all utilize this site.

K. Nuñez

Jan 14 – 2002

I would like to see the Canadian Government’s position on these issues.

R. J. Petersen. Toronto, Canada

Jan 16 – 2002

If I may make a suggestion; perhaps you could supply information based on the upcoming new proposed restrictions that will be placed on new immigrants after June of this year. After June, Canada plans to allow entry to immigrants only if they possess a “Masters” degree.

Maria Hernandez. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Jan 17 – 2002

I live in Madrid, Spain. I was thinking about migrating to Canada. After reading about how hard it is to get a job there, I am reconsidering. Are things really that bad? I had heard here in Spain that Canada is a country where you are always treated fairly, and that it was quite easy to find a job there.

José Antonio Salazar. Spain

Jan 19 – 2002

Could you tell me if Canadian companies are given some incentive by the Canadian government to hire visible minorities?

Veronica Lopez. Montreal, Quebec

Jan 20 – 2002

My uncle was a Professor in Nicaragua. He now manages a Pizza Restaurant here in Canada.

Jan 20 – 2002

I am a businessman. I was planning on moving to Canada with my family from Brazil. My oldest son is a doctor and my oldest daughter is a teacher. Will there be jobs for my children when they arrive in Canada? And, will there be business opportunities for me as well?

Jan 24 – 2002

After viewing your policies page on your web site, which has the information regarding the new “point system” for entry into Canada, I realize that I now cannot apply for coming to Canada. This has crushed a ten-year dream of mine. Please tell me whom I can complain to about this new system.

Mario Delgado. Panama

Jan 25 – 2002

Hopefully someone from the British Columbia government will see your web site and begin an action plan to eradicate racism in the job market here in B.C.

N. Chacon

Jan 27 – 2002

I had more than 22 years experience in oil and gas fields and looking to have a immigrant & job in Canada if is possible. The main reason for that I,am country less and looking to live in peace & fill safe me & family and have great citizen from country like Canada to give them my experience and family future.

Ahmad Chaaban. Palestinian Refugee in Lebanon

Jan 27 – 2002

Dear Georgina,

Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to submit my resume to Job-wanted. I really appreciate it.

Good day,

Elaine Lalatag. Phillipines

Jan 30 – 2002

I noticed your site on I am very happy to have found the web site. I hope that all the prejudice will be finished soon.

Rodolfo Mendoza. Alberta

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