About Canada Immigrants

Canada Immigrants’ story

In January 2002, we setup Canadaimmigrants.com -better known as Canada Immigrant Job Issues, and we changed its name to The Canadian Magazine of Immigration in 2013.

Our aim has and still is to inform our readers about Canada’s immigration and employment trends and issues -with a focus on highly skilled immigrants and systemic racism. Since the beginning, our publication has delivered key and reliable information to immigrants, researchers, policy makers, businesspeople and the public at large. We try to persuade you not with the quantity, but with the quality of the information we present.

Canada Immigrants’ team

The Canadaimmigrants.com Team consists of  Georgina Vazquez, founder and editor-in-chief of The Canadian Magazine of Immigration, the Marketing, Web Development and Design teams.


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Canadaimmigrants.com is, and always has been, independent -your support is greatly appreciated…